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Trial at a Major Hospital

Trial conducted at a Major Public Hospital
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Journal of Hospital Infection Publication
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Door Handle Sanitising System
“Clinically Proven to destroy Germs on door handles”

Door Handles are a well-documented source of cross contamination, especially in this current climate, with Coronavirus according to Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer in England, known to survive on handles for 3 days.

With their constant and common use, it is important not just to keep them looking clean…… but to keep them microbially clean.

The Handle Hygiene system does exactly this, by automatically dispensing a pre-determined dose of disinfectant directly on to the handle each and every time the door is used, a means that has been Clinically Proven, to reduce the risk of cross infection to a negligible level. See the Clinical Trials section for more details.

The Handle Hygiene system is a simple mechanical mechanism that requires no batteries or power supply, it operates in conjunction with the opening / closing motion of the door, thus ensuring reliability without any human input, every time the door is used.

It uses a small atomising pump, such as seen on perfume bottles, with no aerosols, VOC’s or dangerous propellants to dispense an alcohol free disinfectant on to the handle. The disinfectants used in various territories have been fully tested and proven not just to destroy 99.999% of unwanted bacterial growth on the handles, but to leave users with traces of disinfectant on their hands as opposed to potential pathogens… a win, win situation for all.

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